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S - Social, Housing and Health Services. It is my fervent desire that we make strong and available the institutions that give these social services to our less fortunate bacoorenians. Thus I have strongly spoused the opening of a 24/7 (24 hrs 7 days) Lying-in Maternity and Emergency Clinic, and additional health centers in Bacoor.

T - Traffic and Peace and Order. Like you, we are also persevering to achieve general peace and order. The peace and order and traffic situations showcase how orderly our town is. Peace and Order can only be achieved by sharing mutual respect for each other. For a moving and faster traffic management division to conduct from time to time traffic enforcers’ training in order to improve our traffic system, and the PNP to lead in the campaign against illegal drugs and criminality.

R - Responsible and Accountable Governance. Each one of us knows the importance of responsibility and accountability. Under my term, it is important to establish institutions that preserve the integrity of public service. I have created the Bacoor homeowners Affairs Council under E.O # 06-07: the kagawad council under E.O # 07-07: and strengthen the Peoples Law Enforcement Board under E.O # 15-07 which are part of creating the peoples Council of Bacoor, an institution that will serve as an oversight council to strengthen the importance of Responsibility and Accountability.

I - Industry and Economy Growth. Every man should have food in his table. Every man should have a fir share in the society in which he helps build. It is for this reason that we have tried to enhance our Economy by creating the Economy Development Council through E.O # 09-07. This council aims to address the need to enhance the Economy of Bacoor and more so, provide job opportunities to the people of Bacoor.

K - Knowledge, Education, Sports and Youth Development. Education plays a very important role in our society. It is through Education that we access information and learn the true meaning of humanity. Education aids us in the formation of our family, the smallest form of our society, and our future. Thus like you, it is my personal crusade to pursue the improvement of education. As the first step, I have pursued and worked hard for the establishment of a branch of the Cavite State University to be established here in Bacoor. This will make education more affordable and accessible to Bacoor Students.

E - Eco-agro Tourism and Environment Protection and Development. We have only one world to live in, and like all inhabitants of the earth, we would like to protect our abode. The environment is slowly being detrimentally destroyed because of the responsibility of other people. Thus it has become one of our programs to protect our environment. I have created the municipal Solid Waste Management Board through E.O # 10-2007 to oversee and implement laws and ordinances pertaining to solid waste management and the enforcement of Eco-aides.

To provide a temporary shelter to the disadvantaged women and children who are victims of abused, child, labor, abandoned/ neglected and street children/ children in conflict with the law

To serve as a bridge to the disadvantaged women and children who are victims of abused, child labor, abandoned/neglected children and street children for their reintegration to their families and in the a ailment of other services for their individual needs.

A new Bacoor with no individual left uncared for, where everybody is treated with dignity and has a change for a better life.


1.) To provide a 24 hours residential care & protective custody to abused, exploited children & women.

2.) To serve as a processing center for the eventual reintegration of the disadvantaged children and women to their respective families and community.

3.) To be haven for children in conflict with the law that not only protects their rights but will develop them as better persons by redirecting their personal values and behavior.

4.) To provide counseling services not only to the minors but also to their respective families/guardians.

5.) To provide livelihood opportunities through the provision of skills training.

6.) To serve as linkage to their agencies that could provide other support social to the target clientele.

Republic of the Philippines Province of Cavite Municipality of Bacoor
Department of Social Welfare and Development
Strike’s Halfway House, Pag-asa Home


1Child in Conflict w/ the Law11563 Girls & 1 Boy released to their family
2Beggars/Street Children504377 Girls & 32 Boy released to their family
3Temporary Shelter431
4Voluntary Surrendered by their Parents22
5Delinquent Child312
6Unwed Mother22
7Lost Elder222 Elders released and turn over to their family
9Sexually Abuse11
10Abused/Maltreated Minor11
11Arsonist5322 Girls & 3 Boy released to their family

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Mission / Vision
The Computer Clubhouse provides a creative and safe out-of-school learning environment where young people from underserved communities work with adult mentors to explore their own ideas, develop skills, and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology. Using the "original" Clubhouse as a model, the Computer Clubhouse Network supports community-based Clubhouses around the world, providing over 25,000 youth per year with access to resources, skills, and experiences to help them succeed in their careers, contribute to their communities, and lead outstanding lives.

The ongoing vision of the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network is to proliferate the highly successful Clubhouse learning approach and establish it as a replicable model for technology learning in community-based organizations around the world.

The Clubhouse learning approach is designed to empower youth from all backgrounds to become more capable, creative, and confident learners. This approach is grounded in research from the fields of education, developmental and social psychology, cognitive science, and youth development. It builds on research on the role of affect and motivation in the learning process, the importance of social context, and the interplay between individual and community development. It leverages new technologies to support new types of learning experiences and engage young people who have been alienated by traditional educational approaches.

Be a Mentor for under privilidge children

For those who love to work with kids, enjoy using and sharing technology, and likes to help the community, please contact
Telephone: (+63)(46)4897523

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Mr. Revilla was born on the 2nd day of March 1970 in Bacoor, Cavite. The 5th son of Mr. Jose Acuña Bautista a.k.a Ramon Bautista Revilla, Sr. and Ms. Azucena Guzman Mortel (deceased). Married to Mrs. Chaye Cabal-Revilla (PLDT First Vice President and Controller).

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